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What your ‘targeted’ social media ads say about you

  Having grown up with social media, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the platform evolve from the simple days of MSN Messenger and MySpace – both top notch platforms for adolescent flirtation and clique forming – to a global phenomenon that has become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. Hand in hand with

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‘Tis the season: Battle of the Christmas adverts

  It has begun. It’s just over five weeks until the most wonderful time of the year, and Britain’s biggest retailers have fired the starting pistol of over-spending, over-eating and general over-indulgence that can only be enjoyed during that most festive of times. Christmas. It’s difficult to remember exactly when it all started, but I’m

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I wish to register a complaint…

  There’s a universal truth to the fact that social media has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, giving us a multitude of channels through which to express ourselves, meet new friends, converse with our idols, and pursue opportunities we never thought were possible. The unfortunate side effect to this, is that it’s given

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