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Booking a holiday: The January Ritual

  It’s the annual ritual in our house. Three weeks into the New Year, with no money and the January blues in full swing, there’s only one thing on our (mostly my) mind. Escape. The conversation normally goes something like this:   Me: “Let’s book a holiday soon.” Him: “Let’s assess our finances fir…” Me:

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A post of two-halves: What I learned in 2018 PLUS Stuff Sam Says, Christmas Edition

  Almost everyone I’ve spoken to throughout December has uttered the same phrase traditionally wheeled out when we’re another year older, none the wiser, and it feels like our lives are going by in a flash. “I don’t know where this year’s gone!”   Well, thanks to Instagram, we do. The #2018bestnine hashtag and accompanying

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An amateur traveller’s review of Mexico: Sunshine, civilisations and tequila…

  I was lucky enough to visit Mexico for the very first time this year. A much-needed break that couldn’t come around quickly enough. If you’ve never been to Mexico, it’s likely that your first thoughts on it as a country stem from what you may have seen on fictionalised television dramas…much of it unfair

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