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Work, life and regaining your balance

AKA how to fail at blogging for an entire month. It’s fair to say that 2020 has already kicked me in the arse and we’re only in March. It all started off so promisingly. I’d made a vow to myself to commit to writing as a creative outlet, while simultaneously juggling my day-to-day commitments as

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Alyssa’s adventures in Punderland…

  Anyone who’s ever worked in trade PR will tell you that it’s not always the most entertaining of jobs; particularly when you’re confronted with a crisis, budgets being cut on an annual basis, or the task of trying to create excitement around a subject that your average Joe would describe as ‘dry’ (e.g. insurance).

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Astoundingly awkward meeting scenarios that should never be allowed to happen

  If you’ve ever attended a business meeting of any kind, you’ll be familiar with the grinding tedium that can ensue when a group of people are thrown together in one room and forced to make decisions and/or eye contact. In an age where most conversations now take place over email, you can sometimes forgive

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