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A new start: finding a job just in time for my favourite season

A little while ago, I wrote about the fact that I was adjusting to my new life of COVID-related redundancy and had found myself out of work for the first time in nine years. I had intended to write more about my ongoing search during the intervening weeks. Instead, I dove head first into the

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The New Year fallacy AKA why I never make resolutions…

It’s the eve of a new decade and I’m entering it as I intend to live it; sat on my arse in my pyjamas binge-watching a new Netflix series. I am partly joking of course. I’ll probably get dressed at some point in 2020, for work at least. As I took down our Christmas tree

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PR professionals: they walk among us

  If you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous or W1A (to cite two examples) both of which portray PR in different ways – but mainly as a vacuous hive of excess, falsehoods and stupidity – then you’ve already stumbled across a small dose of the negative press that the industry tends to receive… Coming into

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