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Stuff Sam Says: Part 4 – Individual liberty and freedom

  It’s been a pretty good start to the year for Sam. He’s returned to school with all the enthusiasm you can expect from an 8-year-old. He’s firing through maths and English like Oscar Pistorius through a bathroom door, and this year he’s going on his first grown-up holiday abroad with his mum and some

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Train trauma: UK rail fares on the rise, but don’t worry – the service is still terrible

  Of all the farcical announcements that are made on a weekly basis about our country and how it’s run, last week’s news that train prices will be going up by 3.1% from 2nd January 2019 really takes the biscuit… In a move that can only be described as outrageous (yes, I am outraged, not

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Stuff Sam says: Part 2

  We are now careening towards Christmas at break-neck speed, which means one of several things. On Boxing Day my nephew, Sam, will morph into an eight-year-old. I still vividly remember the day that my sister told me that she was expecting. I was stood in the kitchen of the house I was sharing with

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