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Solutions not half-baked maxims: what I’ve learnt from 5 years on a small PR team

In nine days, I’ll be departing my current workplace and taking an unfamiliar plunge into a whole new territory, the like of which I’ve not seen in five years. That’s right. I’ve got a new job. Five years of working for some of the UK’s biggest FMCG brands, forging a path through the trials and

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Season’s Bleatings: A PR person’s guide to Christmas

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year and yet, for those of us working in PR agencies, it’s fair to say that Christmas generally adds an unwanted dash of chaos to proceedings no matter how prepared you think you are for every eventuality. Last week was a particularly eventful one for me for

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Astoundingly awkward meeting scenarios that should never be allowed to happen

  If you’ve ever attended a business meeting of any kind, you’ll be familiar with the grinding tedium that can ensue when a group of people are thrown together in one room and forced to make decisions and/or eye contact. In an age where most conversations now take place over email, you can sometimes forgive

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