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Country-hopping Part 3: sand dunes, souks and shisha

I’m surprised I can really remember anything about our trip, considering I’ve been back in the office for over a fortnight and my days of cocktails, meandering around unfamiliar streets and spending money I don’t have are long behind me (for now). Of all the places we were set to visit, Dubai was the one

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Country-hopping Part 2: a whistle-stop tour of Singapore

With the first few days of our holiday completed having successfully reached Thailand, battled jet lag and begun to adjust to the stifling humidity, we were ready to get on another plane for the next stop on what some intolerable social media ‘influencers’ might describe as our ‘journey’. There was very little I knew about

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Country-hopping Part 1: a taste of Thailand

When you’ve been together for 11 years and married for five of those, travel becomes the perfect outlet for keeping the adventure alive and making new memories. Spoiler alert; this write-up is about to get very wanky, very quickly. Eight weeks ago, having debated how to spend our five-year wedding anniversary, we decided to take

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