Stuff Sam Says Part 6 – I’d just be easier to spot in Hide & Seek


In between watching Game of Thrones, having my hair cut, and building my Beauty Bay wish list, I’m pleased to say I’ve had chance over the weekend to spend some quality time with my favourite (only) nephew and his ma.

When I say quality time, I do of course mean time spent catching up with my sister over a coffee and a Curly Wurly, while Sam spends most of his time bouncing around the living room wittering on about Fortnite, interspersed with the occasional victory dance and inevitable huffing and puffing that comes with having to start a challenge over again.

It’s been a busy week for Sam. Not only was it his first full week back at school after the Easter break; he was also given the honour of being the ring bearer at his uncle’s wedding in Yorkshire last Saturday, meaning he was obliged to spend a full day in the company of family without a single distraction, and as a consequence was a total dream for the duration.

I’m also told he was a demon on the dancefloor – something we don’t share as part of our genetics – and with his new haircut and suit for the occasion, he looked scarily more like a grown-up than I’ve ever seen him.

Without further ado, here are more gems from Sam’s brain that I’ve managed to write down during my recent visits…it wouldn’t be a Bank Holiday weekend without them…


Psyching himself up for his best Fortnite performance…




I’m sensing exasperation…

Bloomin' end



When I commented on his fresh out of bed ‘do…

Hair bomb



Never put a hypothetical question to an eight-year-old while visiting an aquatics shop…

Hide and seek


After overhearing me reasoning away the purchase of a makeup palette that was on sale, and presumably gearing himself up for his future role as someone’s husband…

Not a sale


After witnessing another player ‘die’ on Fortnite…don’t ask me why…





Author: Alyssa

PR professional. Comedy enthusiast and cat lady.

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