Stuff Sam Says: Part 4 – Individual liberty and freedom


It’s been a pretty good start to the year for Sam.

He’s returned to school with all the enthusiasm you can expect from an 8-year-old. He’s firing through maths and English like Oscar Pistorius through a bathroom door, and this year he’s going on his first grown-up holiday abroad with his mum and some family friends.

As we’ve come to expect, he’s also banging out the pearls of wisdom on a daily basis.

So, because it’s Saturday night – and because my other half is currently attending a metal gig in Manchester, meaning I’m at somewhat of a loose end – here’s a short but (hopefully) satisfying helping of Stuff Sam Says; for your weekend pleasure…


On his dinner…

SSS - A great combination


While having a bedtime chat with his mum about not hurting others.


SSS - I'd never want to hurt you


After being told by his mum that he’d have his Playstation taken away if he didn’t learn how to lose and deal with it…

SSS - Individual liberty and freedom

*Turns out he learnt about individual liberty and freedom at school. They’re British values…


After overhearing a conversation between his mum and I on the fact that he’s articulate for his age…

SSS - 8 years old


And finally, taking liberties with his homework…

SSS - Homework

Silly sausage.


Author: Alyssa

PR professional. Comedy enthusiast and cat lady.

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