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Emails can be a mine field of misunderstandings, counter balanced with the need to be polite to other humans who – in any normal circumstances – you most likely wouldn’t meet up with for a coffee let alone a three-hour meeting/business lunch.

In PR it’s all about your ability to smile through the stressful times, keep your cool, and be polite.

So I’ve compiled this handy infographic on common email phrases used in PR agencies, and their translations…

You can probably apply several of these to other industries too of course.


Email phrases infographic

Author: Alyssa

PR professional. Comedy enthusiast and cat lady.

8 thoughts

      1. Mine as well. I am shocked at the end of every day at the percentage of my day that was spent on absolutely unnecessary, inane activities. But they keep paying me for it, so I keep going back.

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      2. Very little surprises me these days…you become adept at managing other people’s lives in addition to your own. A life skill I never knew I needed! 👍

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  1. ‘Going forward’ is just opposed to going backward..and dont even get me started on ‘this journey’…


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